Apr 152012

Blending is done for several reasons and applicable whether I’m making roving or batts or felt.

Fiber that will be blended with your fiber can come from you or we can supply for an additional charge. They can be natural, synthetic, or some combination. Combining different types of fibers generally enhances the end result.

Some examples of blending are: huayaca to suri alpaca, finer sheep wools to huayaca or suri alpaca, alpaca to “soften” sheep wool, medium sheep wool to alpaca for rugs or insoles, and some interesting synthetics to any fiber.

We often get requests to blend several colors into roving, batt, or felt. As above, the colors may come from you or we can supply.

Just call or email with your blending needs or questions. I might be able to do a test run for you. I will call you to confirm your instructions or offer suggestions.


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