Apr 222012

We provide needle felting service with our 66 inch FeltLOOM machine. Felted sheets or fabric can be as thin and shear that are “see thru” to rugs. Max thickness is about ½ inch.  Most common is what we call thin to medium felt fabric. These thicknesses can be sewn by most home machines.

We usually felt fiber to a supporting fabric. The supporting fabric is called “scrim” in the biz. I use cotton or cotton/poly broadcloth most of the time because it’s very economical. Other fabrics like silk may have an additional charge.  But I also use burlap when making rugs and some other items.

Support fabric usually ends up hidden in whatever is made from the felt. However, get some interesting printed fabric and felt some fiber to it for some very interesting seasonal and or unique products! Have some old silk or faux silk scarves? Have some old lacy table cloths or doilies? A great re-purpose project.

Standard felt sheets are around 42 x 50 inches finished size. We can make sheets as long as you like but not wider than about 66 inches. Sheets larger than standard size may have a different charge than standard. I leave the raw, uneven edges on the fabric as many customers may use that for some effect in what they are making. I can trim the edges if requested.

We offer design service for your felt sheet/fabric for additional charge. Design may be abstracts, stripes or whatever is in your or my imagination. Check out some examples on the gallery page or come visit us here or at a show/event.

We have a near professional steam iron/press with a 33 by 11 inch pressing surface. But the best part is it provides and even 100 pounds of pressing. It would be very hard to accomplish this by hand. The end result is a very smooth finish on the fabric. This may be an option depending on what you are intending to make from you felt fabric.  We can provide  this pressing service for a nominal fee.