How to Order


Instructions for Fleece Preparation
Before ordering, please review our Instructions for Fleece Preparation.

Ordering Instructions
Please fill out the order form as best you can. Make sure all contact info is complete and accurate. We are likely to have some conversation once I receive your fiber. You will receive a confirming email and fee estimate after I have checked in your fiber.

Thanks for trusting us with your fiber! Let’s get started

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Packaging and Shipping Your Fiber
Make sure all bags are clearly marked. It is a good idea to over communicate. So feel free to mark the outside AND place a sheet of paper or 3×5 card in the bag so I can see it from the outside. Printed information is preferred over handwritten. Required information on/in the bag is: your name, farm name (if applicable), animal or bag name. Optional information, best on the paper in the bag is: type of animal, color, and nice information is a short instruction like “batt or roving or felt”, combine with “fluffy”.

I prefer the clear plastic bags. The milky white bags seem to have a lot of static. Try to avoid solid colored bags if possible. I really need to see the fleece in the bag.

Get as much air out of the bag as possible. Squeeze the air out. Some people actually vacuum it out. Just cover the end of the hose with a nylon, sock or screen of some sort. Then twist the bag starting at the fleece. You can knot (please not super tight) or use a zip tie.

Getting the air out allows more fiber to fit in a box. Shipping charges are more how big the box is versus how much it weighs. Put in a good sturdy box. Don’t be afraid to tape/seal it well. Be careful to not over fill the box. Don’t’ test the burst capacity. I would hate for you to lose some of your fleece in transit.

Label the box and send.