Our Stonehedge® 32 inch carder is an amazing piece of machinery. On the feed, or incoming, side is a “burr beater” which kicks out some veggie and tuffs of shorts. On the output end a “fancy” drum pulls out a lot of the primary or guard hairs along with more veggie. And in between the various sets of rollers and drums pull out shorts and other materials. All in all the carder gets a high percentage of the undesirable stuff out of your fiber. However, additional carding runs may be required with particular veggie or “hairy” fleeces. There may be an additional charge for additional carding runs. I will call for your approval.

The output web from the carder is either rolled onto a drum to make the desired weight of batt or condensed into the roving maker (false twister) which makes a loosely spun “snake” ready for spinning by hand or at a partner mill.

As an option you may request multi-color roving. Quite an interesting effect when spun!