Felt Services


Felt sheets are made from batts. The batts are crossed in most cases. Crossed batts mean at least 2 layers that are perpendicular for fabric strength and integrity.  The crossed batts are then run through our 66 inch FeltLOOM machine. In general, a felt sheet requires between 6 to 10 runs through the machine to get a good felted sheet. We recommend placing Camelid fiber on a support fabric. It is also beneficial for wools but not as critical. In either case discuss your intended use for the fabric with us.  Support fabric can be anything from very thin silk to burlap. Our standard support fabric is a light poly-cotton broadcloth.  We also have some interesting synthetic options you may be interested in trying. Again, let’s discuss your intended purpose/product.

The finished standard felt sheet will end up being around 42 x 50 inches.  You have the option of clean (trimmed) or raw edges on the sheets. Most people seem to want the raw edges.

Other felt sheet options are single or double sided on a support fabric.

Of course if you elect to not use a support fabric the sheet is basically double sided (but not as strong). And charged as single sided.

Felt sheet design and effects. Stripes. Abstracts, mottling random contrasts or specific idea will incur an additional charge.  Check out our gallery or stop by for a visit.

What kind of felt sheet? How thick? I don’t know what “not too thick” or “sew able” means. So I attempt to put some definition.  Thin. Medium. Thick.

Thin will be between 6 to 10 ounces of fiber spread over the sheet/fabric. This will yield a relatively thin fabric. A little thicker than a flannel shirt.

Medium will be between 10 to 18 ounces of fiber. Still can sew on standard sewing machines and yields a fabric 1/8 to ¼ inch thick.

Thick will be over 16 ounces of fiber. Don’t know the limit but the FeltLOOM can make a sheet roughly ½ inch thick.

You also get the sense of how many felt pieces can be made from your fiber.

Finishing: we also offer ultra-press. This is a steam/iron press much like those in a dry cleaner. Ultra press provides a smooth even finish and compresses the fabric further. An additional charge for ultra-press may apply.

Again, let’s discuss your intensions for the fabric.

Felt sheets larger than the standard will have and additional charge. Let’s discuss your need. I have done queen and king sized quilting batts.

Pre felt sheets. ATTENTION crafters and artists! I can make pre-felt batt sheets. A pre-felt batt sheet gets one run (each side) through the FeltLOOM to stabilize the batt. These batts are NOT crossed. Pre-felt batt is more stable to handle for your project. Give it a try!

Save on design felt? Sometimes clients have a specific design or pattern they want felted.  I can provide a pre-felt sheet then you can apply the design at home. Then send/bring it back to finish felting. I can talk you through the process.

Got a project or idea? Let’s talk. We love to help.