Evergreen Fleece Processing is located near Woodinville, WA in beautiful Maltby.

We provide:Location of Maltby in Washington state

  • Carding to batts or roving
  • Felt sheets
  • Creative product development
  • Retail consignment.
Our No Fiber Left Behindphilosophy helps your fleece meet its creative and marketable potential.


We do custom carding of:

  • Camelid
  • Sheep
  • Goat Wools
  • and various natural fibers

We can turn your fleece into batt, roving and even further refine into felt.

We blend a variety of natural or synthetic fiber for effect like multi-color striped or variegated roving and batts. Or, we can make even colors like a silver grey. Add dyed fibers for that something special or different. Amazing what a little maroon, red, or blue can add to the look of your product. We have a selection of fibers on hand or you may supply. We also have some interesting synthetic fiber like a wool substitute made from recycled beer bottles.

Felt Service
We provide needle felt service on our 66 inch FeltLOOM. Felt fabric thickness range from shear curtain and lampshade to rug thicknesses. We make quilt batts and pre-felt batts too!. Standard fabric is about 42 x 50 inches finished size. Larger sheets are available with max width of about 66” and length so far over 10 feet. Some customers “finish” their wet felt projects on our machine too.

At Evergreen Fleece Processing we provide services to help your fleece meet its potential.

Clear out your barn, garage, and storage building of fiber. We can help turn it into marketable products.

Every time you refine your fleece you add value which means its worth more!

Contact us and let’s explore the possibilities.

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